Ohio Linux Fest

Any Fedora folks that are flying into Columbus on Friday for the Ohio Linux Fest and needs a ride from the airport, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Deploying OpenStack

TenrecHaven’t written anything on this blog in ages, but decided to dust it off since my brother has recently written a book that readers of Planet Fedora might have an interest in. The book is O’Reilly Media’s “Deploying OpenStack“.

The book is intended to provide an introduction to the OpenStack project (Glance, Swift and Nova) “Cactus” release, an architectural overview of each component and some best practices for their deployment. Here are the chapter listings:

  • The OpenStack Project
  • Understanding Swift
  • Understanding Glance
  • Understanding Nova
  • Obtaining Nova
  • Planning Nova Deployment
  • Installing Nova
  • Using Nova
  • Administering Nova

However, this book is not “OpenStack: The Definitive Guide” or any such tome:

  • It is a relatively short 80 pages.
  • It is also very heavily weighted towards Nova. That is not to say that Swift or Glance aren’t covered, it is just not to the same level of detail. For example, Swift installation is not covered, while an entire chapter is devoted to Nova’s installation.
  • It only documents a single node installation in two controlled ways. It doesn’t cover every hardware variation or deployment scenario.

If you are interested in this book, I would recommend getting the Ebook version. It is cheaper, it comes in almost any format (ePub, Mobi, PDF) and it will be updated.  You will see additional content come out for it, as it is written. For anyone that has been following the OpenStack community, you will realize that the code changes quickly.


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Looking for some Empathy testers

I’m looking for some folks to test an update for Empathy in F14 to fix a bug where Empathy wasn’t importing Fedora’s CA-Certs. For users of GoogleTalk, this will fix being notified each time you login about an untrusted certificate.

For folks that want to test this, you can run the following to get the update:

su -c ‘yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update empathy’

And after testing, if you would be so kind to leave karma or comments in bodhi it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Ohio LinuxFest

Any Fedora folks that are flying into Columbus on Friday for the Ohio LinuxFest and needs a ride from the airport, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Get to know a Fedoran.

Brian PeppleName: Brian Pepple
IRC Nick: bpepple
IRC Channels: #fedora-devel, #fedora-admin, #telepathy, #fedora-meeting, #fedora-qa on FreeNode. #fedora-desktop, #gnome-hackers on GimpNet.
Location: Columbus, Ohio.

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December 2008 FESCo Election Results

Voting Period: 07 December 2008 00:00:00 UTC to 20 December 2008 23:59:59 UTC


* Dan Horák (sharkcz)
* Dominik Mierzejewski (rathann)
* Jarod Wilson (jwilson)
* Jon Stanley (jds2001)
* Josh Boyer (jwb)


As defined in the election text, the four (4) candidate(s) with the
greatest number of votes will be elected for a full, 2 release term.


At close of voting there were:
169 valid ballots

Using the Fedora Range Voting method, each candidate could attain a maximum of
845 votes (5*169).


1. Josh Boyer (jwb)            489
2. Dan Horák (sharkcz)            485
3. Jarod Wilson (jwilson)        485
4. Jon Stanley (jds2001)        453
5. Dominik Mierzejewski (rathann)    396

As such, Josh Boyer, Dan Horák, Jarod Wilson and Jon Stanley are elected to FESCo for a 2 release term as of January 7, 2009.

Btw, I would like to thank Matt Domsch and Nigel Jones for all the work they did in setting up and running this election.

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FESCo Election Results

The results of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)
election are in: Bill Nottingham, Kevin Fenzi, Dennis Gilmore, Brian
Pepple, and David Woodhouse have been elected to full two-release terms,
and Jarod Wilson, Josh Boyer, Jon Stanley and Karsten Hopp have been
elected to a one-release term.

The full GPG-signed information from our election coordinator, Nigel
Jones, including vote totals, is located here:

The first meeting for the new FESCo will be this Thursday at 17:00 UTC
in #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.org, where they will elect a new
chair, and decide on the time for future FESCo meetings.

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Reminder: FESCo election closes on July 21st

This is a reminder that the current FESCo election(1) is open until
Monday, July 21st, 2008 23:59 UTC. So, if you haven’t gotten around to
voting yet, there is still a little over 24 hours to rectify that.

(1) https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2008-July/msg00005.html

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FESCo Election opens on July 15th

Elections for the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) open at
0001 UTC on 15 July 2008 — or about 1 hour from the time of this
message. The voting system is available at:

The voting system uses the range voting method:

Any Fedora Account System (FAS) account holder who has completed the
CLA, and has an addition account (like ambassadors, art, cvs*,
fedorabugs, l10n-commits, web, etc.) in the FAS is eligible to vote.
Voting is open until Monday, July 21st, 2008 23:59 UTC. Election
results will be announced shortly afterward.

The nominees for the nine open seats, in alphabetical order, are:
1. Josh Boyer
2. Steve Dickson
3. Kevin Fenzi
4. Dennis Gilmore
5. Karsten Hopp
6. Christian Iseli
7. Jon Masters
8. Bill Nottingham
9. Brian Pepple
10. Jon Stanley
11. Jarod Wilson
12. David Woodhouse

The nominees have also placed some summary information about their
background and goals on the wiki nominations page:

These summaries are also available from the “Info” link next to each
candidate’s name in the voting system.

If you have any problems with voting, report them immediately in the
ticket system, at: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/tickets
Use the “elections” category when you file your ticket so that it is
directed quickly to the appropriate parties.

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Central Ohio Fedora 9 Release Party

Quick reminder for folks that we’re having a Central Ohio Fedora 9 Release party tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7pm. For more details, click here.

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