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CNN’s Tucker Carlson Angry Over Phone Flap

From Yahoo:

Conservative CNN commentator Tucker Carlson’s snide humor backfired on him, and his wife. While defending telemarketers during a segment on “Crossfire” last week, the bow-tied co-host was asked for his home phone number. Carlson gave out a number, but it was for the Washington bureau of Fox News, CNN’s bitter rival.

The bureau was deluged with calls. To get back at him, Fox posted Carlson’s unlisted home number on its Web site. After his wife was inundated with obscene calls, Carlson went to the Fox News bureau to complain. He was told the number would be taken off the Web site if he apologized on the air. He did, but that didn’t end the anger.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Carlson called Fox News “a mean, sick group of people.”

Fox spokeswoman Irena Briganti said Carlson got what he deserved. “CNN threw the first punch here. Correcting this mistake was good journalism.”

Gotta love it, when a jackass gets sweet payback.


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Yahoo IM Back On… For Now!

Well, looks like Gaim has managed to fix their Yahoo protocol (with some help from Trillian). Though, it appears like Gaim might have problems with connections down the road due to new challenge strings from the Yahoo servers, so my use of it might be sporadic. My user id is: bdpepple.

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The Lost Wing

From Warren Ellis‘ Bad Signal:

There are two kinds of television drama. The shit, that gives in to expectations, in order to comfort and sedate the viewer. And the kind that challenges your expectations in order to engage you.

The first episode of the new series of THE WEST WING bumps up hard against my expectations only insofar as it seems to have thrown out everything that engaged me.

Creator/writer Aaron Sorkin and director/producer Tommy Schlamme left the series at the end of the last season, and original co-producer John Wells came downstairs to run the show. John Wells runs ER, one of the more glaring recent examples of Not Knowing When To Stop. He said at the start that WEST WING was no longer going to sound like Aaron Sorkin — Sorkin put almost every script aired through a final rewrite to give the show its unique voice. Like Tarantino ten years ago, Sorkin made it okay for characters to talk a lot again, great mad symphonies of banter and explication and oratory.
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Yahoo Bastards!

Well, looks like I won’t be on Yahoo’s IM for a while. They changed their protocols today, and Gaim hasn’t finished reverse-engineering them yet. In the meantime, I’m using Jabber’s IM system. Very cool system. If anyone is feeling adventurous my userid is Jabber’s got good instructions, for anyone wishing to take the plunge.

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X-Box Counter-Strike Hands-On Impressions


There’s no greater anomaly in the world of gaming than Counter-Strike. What began as a grassroots mod, literally created in a dorm room, has become the most widely played PC action game on the Internet–in just a few short years. This Christmas, Microsoft and Valve will bring the experience to console gamers for the first time via Xbox Live.
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Wow, another year older!

Boy, hard to believe that I’m now 36. The years are really flying by. Looking through today’s paper, there’s some other interesting people that also have a birthday

  • Stephen King (56)
  • BIll Murray (53)
  • Faith Hill (36)
  • Luke Wilson (32)

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The real reason why Kelly lives in Sacramento

From SN&R:


…Star Trek tribute bands, an anomaly that seems to be centered in Sacramento.

“For some reason, Sacramento is the center of the universe when it comes to Star Trek bands. Perhaps some meteorite-borne spore has infected people’s minds here, or, similarly, perhaps
we are especially vulnerable to the effects of cheap beer and UHF television. But people in Sacramento love to play in and pay money to see Star Trek bands…”

Ken, I really hope Shelly & you are prepared for what is ahead of you in Sacramento. Of course, since I’m a trek fan, I’ll hold off from any other snide remarks.

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