Mozilla Firebird 0.7 Release Candidate

Was looking at Mozilla Firebird‘s site, and noticed that a new release candidate was available. I went ahead and grabbed the latest nightly build with gtk2 & xft support. Boy, having Firebird use the fonts supplied by xft is sweet! The fonts now look as good as those supplied by Windows.

This version doesn’t have anything ground shaking in it, looks like they are still tinkering around with the options window. The only problem I’ve experienced so far, is that my Java plugin crashes the browser. Based on what I’ve read so far, it’s due to gtk2 being compiled into the browser. So, if I really cared about having Java, I could grab another build, that doesn’t have gtk2 compiled into it. No biggie, since I don’t really go to any sites that use Java. Figure I’ll go ahead and use this version for the next couple of days, and see what other problems I come across.


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