Server Installation Almost Finished! Whew!

Well, after much crying and whimpering, I think I’ve finally completed the basic installation of Debian Linux on my server. I now totally remember why I disliked upgrading my system before. My system is sooooo old that my bios doesn’t allow cd-based booting. So, instead of taking the chance on flashing my bios, I had to go out and find some boot images to transfer onto floppies. Debian’s install process is definitely not for the timid. After trudging through partitioning my drives, and getting the appropriate modules for my kernel, I had to use the truely beastly software installation program dselect. Of course, it didn’t help that I did’t bother to read the manual for dselect. So it took a better part of 2 hours just to install Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Not fun.

One thing I will give Debian though, is that the documentation within the system is really good. After looking through the appropriate /usr/share/doc/*, I was able to find answers to most of my problems in regards to my PHP modules being loaded by Apache. Hopefully, I’m done configuring Apache, and can go on to getting the rest of the system squared away.


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