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Nautilus Junksorter

Well, I finally figured out why I couldn’t find the scripting features in Nautilus. Apparently there is a bug in the newer versions of Nautilus, that require you to place an executable script in the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder, before you’ll get the script feature in your context menus.

I finally got around to writing a new version of the JunkSorter script, which will sort your files into the appropriate folders based on the MIME type of the file. Overall, it probably took a little over two hours, but it should be worth it. I’ll be tweaking it the next couple of weeks, to add more error checking, and improve it’s speed. Any Gnome users that want to use it, feel free to grab it. I listed in the script what it’s requirements are. Here’s a Fedora rpm for the Shared-Mime-Info package from the, that’s needed to capture the MIME info:



As with other rpm’s I create, you’ll need my PGP Public Key to verify the package, if you don’t already have.

Update: Removed rpm, since it’s included in most distributions now.

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Fedora GKrellMMS rpm

Finally got around to making an rpm for the GKrellmMMS plugin for GKrellM. Here’s the rpm for any Fedora user that wants to control xmms from GKrellM:



You will probably need to import my PGP Public Key to verify that the package hasn’t been modified. This can be done by downloading my PGP Public Key, and running the following as root:

rpm –import bdpepple.asc

I talked to the GKrellM maintainer at RedHat, and it sounds like they will include this with a couple of other plugins in the next core release of Fedora.

Update: Removed rpm, since it’s been published in and Fedora Extras.

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D’Oh! Damn Those Wolverines!

Well, once gain, Ohio State has choked during the OSU vs. Michigan game. I almost thought they might pull a comeback during the 3rd quarter, but it was wishful thinking. It’s not too surprising though, considering all the really close games they’ve had this year. Now, I get to hear the gloating from that poor misguided Michigan-fan Mark Spencer.

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Only In Ohio…..

From Yahoo:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Police believe they have caught a man known as the “naked photographer,” who is accused of sneaking up on women while wearing little more than a baseball cap and photographing their shocked expressions.

Officers arrested a naked man late Wednesday night in an alley behind a supermarket near where a woman reported being confronted. The man was not identified immediately.

The woman said she was getting out of her car at an apartment complex on the city’s northwest side when she was approached by a naked man. She said he snapped her picture and ran away without touching her.

It was the 39th incident in which a naked man ambushed women and snapped photos. Police believe he keeps the pictures as souvenirs.

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Jackson Ordered to Surrender on Molestation Charges

From Yahoo:

Pop superstar Michael Jackson will be charged with multiple counts of child molestation and has been ordered to surrender to California authorities, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Anderson told a news conference on Wednesday.

He said Jackson had been charged with several counts of child molestation. Bail has been set at $3 million dollars, Anderson said.

Dozens of police on Tuesday, armed with a search warrant, spent more than 14 hours at Jackson’s sprawling Neverland ranch in central California. Jackson, who was in Las Vegas on Tuesday, has never previously been arrested.

Boy, who didn’t see this coming?

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Sun’s McNealy announces Linux deal with Chinese government


Sun Microsystems Chief Executive Scott McNealy always seemed like he was tilting at windmills when he said Sun would challenge Microsoft’s dominance on the desktop computer.

But McNealy announced today that the Chinese government has pledged to deploy a million computers in the next year using Sun’s Linux desktop software. The cost: $50 per license for Sun’s desktop software, which includes its Star Office 7.0 productivity program that is a clone of Microsoft’s Office suite. Microsoft Office can cost more than $400 a copy.
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Wow, Saw RETiSONiC Tonight.

Caught RETiSONiC this evening. Their recordings really don’t do justice to how incredible their drummer is. It took place at Misgard Comics, which surprisingly had a good sound system. Overall, it was a pretty kick-ass show. If they show up in your area sometime, it is definitely worth going to.

Here’s some demo mp3’s from their site, if you are interested in hearing what they sound like. (Right-mouse-click Save-As).

Return To Me (Demo)
Filthy Way To Lose Yourself (Demo)
Take Your Gun And Hide (Demo)

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