Nautilus Junksorter

Well, I finally figured out why I couldn’t find the scripting features in Nautilus. Apparently there is a bug in the newer versions of Nautilus, that require you to place an executable script in the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder, before you’ll get the script feature in your context menus.

I finally got around to writing a new version of the JunkSorter script, which will sort your files into the appropriate folders based on the MIME type of the file. Overall, it probably took a little over two hours, but it should be worth it. I’ll be tweaking it the next couple of weeks, to add more error checking, and improve it’s speed. Any Gnome users that want to use it, feel free to grab it. I listed in the script what it’s requirements are. Here’s a Fedora rpm for the Shared-Mime-Info package from the, that’s needed to capture the MIME info:



As with other rpm’s I create, you’ll need my PGP Public Key to verify the package, if you don’t already have.

Update: Removed rpm, since it’s included in most distributions now.


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