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Well, seems that the flu that has been ravaging the nation, has finally caught up with me. I ended up last night passing out at 9 p.m., and sleeped until around 8:30 a.m. this morning. You would think that after almost 12 hours of sleep, that I would feel a hell of a lot better than I do.

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Been messing around today with gDesklets. Pretty neat program, definitely has potential. Unfortunately, it is a resource hog, since it’s written in Python. If my machine was more current, I would consider using it on a more regular basis, but a 400MHz machine doesn’t really cut it. Here’s a screeenshot of what it looks like on my machine. I’m using the weather, xmms, and rss modules.

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Christmas Wrap-up

* Received a bunch of books for Christmas, which should keep me busy the next few weeks. Figure I’ll start off with Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men … And Other Sorry Excuses For The State Of The Nation.

* Purchased the re-issues of Soulside‘s “Less Deep Inside Keeps” and Shudder To Think‘s “Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses” today on cd. Here’s a track off each album if you haven’t heard them (Right-mouse-click Save-As):

Shudder To Think – Abysmal Yellow Popcorn Wall

Soulside – I Find The Other Side

* Still need to fix the ethernet connection to the living room, but I need to run out to the computer store, and pick up some supplies first. So, still no Counter-Strike online. D’Oh!

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Christmas Eve…

* Attempted to fix the ethernet connection to my X-Box, but really didn’t have any luck. Looks like I might need to run a new line from the upstairs, but before I begin that, I should make sure that the problem isn’t with my X-Box (heaven forbid!). So, no X-Box Live until after the holidays. D’Oh!

* Ventured out to Target today to pick up some supplies, and instantly regretted it. How people have the patience to put up with those kind of crowds is beyond me. At least this reminded me why I so rarely hit any big stores this time of year. Well, just need to do some wrapping, and then I can kick back a little.

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Gnome Blog RPM and other miscellanious items

* Been working today on a rpm for Gnome Blog, and should be submitting it to them later today. Pretty cool little program, makes it real easy to add entries to my blog, without having to fire up my browser. Very nice.

* Looks like Hollywood is 0-2 against DVD Jon. Between this and the RIAA getting their asses handed to them by the U.S. Court of Appeals, it hasn’t been a good month for the large media conglomerates.


* Spent the weekend putting in a new cable/cat 5 outlet in the living room. After much crying and bitching, I got the wires fished through the walls, and wired the electrical box. I then had the joy of moving all my electronics to the other side of the room, and hooking everything back up. Naturally, no weekend activity can go smoothly, as I discovered when I tried to hook up my X-Box to my network. Seems the Cat 5 I ran between floors isn’t playing nice with the female to female adaptor being used in my electrical box. D’Oh! I gave up yesterday without looking too hard at the problem, since I’ve been getting my ass kicked at Counter-Strike the last couple of days, but I need to get this fixed before Christmas. Oh well, here’s a picture:

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“Sky Captain” Trailer is Up This looks like it could be pretty cool…

Sky Captain (Need Quicktime compatible video player)

I might actually have to go to the theater this summer, and check it out.

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First Snow This Year…

1st Snow

Well, we finally received our first snowfall for the year. We only received about 2″, so I can’t really complain too much. Hopefully, this winter won’t be as bad as last year, since I was hoping to have less snow after leaving Nebraska. Probably due to that damn global warming!

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