Gnome Blog RPM and other miscellanious items

* Been working today on a rpm for Gnome Blog, and should be submitting it to them later today. Pretty cool little program, makes it real easy to add entries to my blog, without having to fire up my browser. Very nice.

* Looks like Hollywood is 0-2 against DVD Jon. Between this and the RIAA getting their asses handed to them by the U.S. Court of Appeals, it hasn’t been a good month for the large media conglomerates.


* Spent the weekend putting in a new cable/cat 5 outlet in the living room. After much crying and bitching, I got the wires fished through the walls, and wired the electrical box. I then had the joy of moving all my electronics to the other side of the room, and hooking everything back up. Naturally, no weekend activity can go smoothly, as I discovered when I tried to hook up my X-Box to my network. Seems the Cat 5 I ran between floors isn’t playing nice with the female to female adaptor being used in my electrical box. D’Oh! I gave up yesterday without looking too hard at the problem, since I’ve been getting my ass kicked at Counter-Strike the last couple of days, but I need to get this fixed before Christmas. Oh well, here’s a picture:


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