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Modified Junksorter Script

Finally got around to hacking my Junksorter script, and came up with a solution for files located on a users desktop. Fairly ugly hack, but it works. Also, it looks like in Gnome 2.5, Nautilus is going to switch from using scripts to a plugin system. This should be pretty cool, since the plugins will be written in a lower level language, there should be a decent performance boost.


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Cool Gnome Stuff…

The Gnome bounty has some cool stuff that is being worked on. Ximian is really pushing for integration of Gaim with Evolution, which, should make my life easier by keeping all my contact information in one place. Here’s a screenshot of what’s been done so far:


The Ximian guys are also working on Dashboard, which they describe as an “association engine”. Based on what I’ve read about it, it should be pretty cool. It’s probably easier to show a screenshot, than to explain what it is:


Also, it sounds like Novell is going to make Gnome more prominent in SuSE. I might have to give SuSE another try sometime next year.

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Been spending the last couple of days doing some QA on some Fedora packages. Surprisingly, the project has pretty good documentation on their RPM packing requirements, so this hasn’t been too time consuming.

It looks like there is some bug in Nautilus, which is causing me problems. It appears Nautilus doesn’t give the correct $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS variable when a script is ran from a users desktop. So, I’m going to look, and see if there is a previously reported bug on this.

Well, enough with the geek stuff, time to frag some kids in Counter-Strike.

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My copy of Counter-Strike for the X-Box hadn’t arrived yet in the mail, so I rented a copy from the local Blockbuster this weekend. Have to say they did a kick-ass job of bringing it over from the PC world. The control layout are fairly intuitive, so it didn’t take too long to get up to speed. Of course, I’m still getting my ass handed to me by some of the young punks online. Later this week, I’m going to take out my frustration on Lee, when he finally has the courage to show himself online. I’m calling you out, ya yella-belly punk!

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