Needing A Break…

I’ve been fairly busy the last few days learning how to build a Gnome application using libglade, instead of having to generate code for the interface. It’s actually fairly straight forward, and makes life a lot easier not having to recompile a program for tweaks to a gui. Libglade basically parses an xml file to generate the gui, instead of glade having to generate new code though compilation. Pretty sweet.

Now, I’ve just got to come up with a better solution for a database backend. Originally, I thought I was going to use Gnome-DB, but the project is still a little too early in its developement to be of much help. It does have potenetial in the future, because it allows you to use pretty much any database (MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, etc.) with out it effecting your code. I’m also looking at using an embedded version of MySQL, but that also is fairly new (came out with the 4.0 release), and the documentation on linking in the appropriate libraries is a little lacking. Figure I have to do some googling tomorrow, and see what I can find.

Oh well, time to fire up the TiVO. I’m pretty sure The Fire Theft were on Craig Kilborn Friday night, and wouldn’t mind seeing if they were any good.


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