Syndication Changes Here Also…

Well, after reading Ken’s blog entry on syndication changes to his site, I decided to look at mine also. Nucleus has some nice features, but it’s handling of RSS feeds leaves much to be desired. I ended up putting in a lame hack to allow my feeds to show the full entry, and not an abbreviated version. So, if anyone is using a RSS reader to keep current, you’ll want to use my RSS-2.0 link.

While working on this, I look at my feeds a little closer, and realized what a crappy job Nucleus does in creating them. The feeds don’t have any formatting in them, and the URL links aren’t even handled correctly. This is due to Nucleus using custom variable replacement in their PHP code to handle common HTML. To fix this, some of the code used to interpret the blog entries will need to be incorporated into the RSS PHP code. Overall, this a pretty crappy solution, since it’s not even creating a static file. My poor little server certainly doesn’t like the thought of all the extra work this would involve. I’ll have to see if I’ve got enough motivation to work on this, sometime in the future.


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