Sorta Finished..

Well, managed to convert my old blog over to Movable Type. Wasn’t too bad, just had to use a little perl, and look at the databases layout. Didn’t bother to convert over any comments, though. Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous later this week, I’ll try to do that. Now I just need to do a little tweaking to the templates, and I’m pretty much finished for today. Whew!



  1. ken said

    There are a whole bunch of templates and stylesheets over on the moveable type site.

  2. ken said

    Your site is a helluva lot faster.

  3. Brian said

    Yeah, it’s hard to tell from my side of the firewall. My site is also real dependent on how much I’m using my DSL connection. So far, Movable Type seems pretty cool. I’ll have to dig into the documentation some more tomorrow, to look at setting up e-mail notification of comments and what not. Naturally, since Movable Type uses SendMail as the default mailserver, I have to be using Exim on my server.

  4. ken said

    Using postfix on my server.

    What blog client are you using?

  5. Brian said

    Using Gnome-Blog to add entries.

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