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Spent most of this afternoon working on the Gnome Blog rpm for Fedora. Had some good suggestions from some other Fedora packagers on things to add to the spec file, to make it play a little nicer with Fedora. Looks like this could go into the testing or stable repositories in the next month or so, depending what else comes up during QA. Anyone that is running a blog, and running Linux (could this possibly be narrowed down to a smaller group?) feel free to grab the latest Fedora rpm. Here’s the link:

Gnome-Blog Fedora RPM

As with any rpm I create, you’ll probably want to import my PGP Key into your system. This can be done by downloading my key, and then running ‘rpm –import bdpepple.asc’ as root.

Update: Removed rpm, since it’s offered in, and Fedora Extras.



  1. ken said

    So has Fedora gotten to the place where I can feel confident upgrading Grizzly from RedHat 9.0 ?

  2. Brian said

    Yeah, though you might want to do a clean install. Once you install it, you’ll want to visit They’ve got a bunch of documentation on setting up the various bits of Fedora. Once you’ve got apt, and it’s corresponding respositories it’s smooth sailing.

  3. Spence said

    I’m a Linux newb, basically, and haven’t had any major problems with Fedora, since RC3. As Brian said, once you have apt and repositories running, it’s cake.

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