Rhythmbox 0.6.5

The Livna.org site, which carries rpm’s for Fedora that can’t be hosted in the U.S. due to the DMCA, release a new version of Rhythmbox today. I went ahead and upgraded my copy, even though I tend to use XMMS to play music, just to see how it’s shaping up. Livna also has a mad-plugin for gstreamer, which allows MP3 playback, so I grabbed that also.

Based on using it the last couple of hours, a lot of the issues I’ve had with Rhythmbox in the past have been solved. The program no longer consumes large amounts of memory when you have a large collection of music, and seems a lot more stable. The UI is fairly slick, since it is inspired by iTunes, though it does have a few hickups still (mainly the song list section).

I probably won’t be using it for daily use, though, since the gstreamer backend uses a lot more CPU power compared to XMMS. On a more current machine, this wouldn’t be a problem, but on my poor over-worked rig, it hovers around 23% CPU usage compared to the normal 7% using XMMS.


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