Gnome Fun

I’ve been working on a Gnome application, that uses MySQL to track a comic book collection, for the last few weeks. Overall, it’s been a good experience, though I’ve been reading a ton of documentation for the various bits (Autoconf, Intltool, Glade, etc.) that make it up. I’ve got the basic framework and functionality finished, but now need to add error checking code on input values. I was instant messaging with Spencer this evening, and figured I throw up a screenshot of my progress so far.

Click on image to get a larger popup.


I was previously using Anjuta to write it, but I’ve been banging my head against the limitations of its Makefile management. So, I’ve spent most of the weekend re-writting portions of my code, and creating the corresponding Makefiles from scratch. Not terribly fun, but I’ve learned a ton from it. Looks like Emacs will be my developement environment for the time being (namely how long my patience lasts).


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