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Hoover / Lincoln 7″


Got a copy of this long out-of-print 7″ today. Pretty weird that it’s considered such a classic in the emo world. Hadn’t listened to it since probably ’94, and forgotten how much it had its roots in the hardcore scene of the early 90’s. Pretty cool still, though. Here’s a copy of it for any one interested:

Hoover – Two Down

Lincoln – Bench Warmer

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Liberal Pirates

Air America Radio has gone live. Figure I give it a listen the next few days, and check out if it is any good. Should be interesting to hear Chuck D and Al Frankens shows. Of course now, I need to grab the Helix Real Player to listen to it.

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Ximian Drops Red Hat & Fedora Support


As there were no updates in xd-unstable for a long time now, some people started asking what’s going on. In a mail posted on the xd-testers list, Luis Villa of Ximian, announced that they are droping Red Hat/Fedora support and they are focusing on the product Novell is building around Ximian and SuSE.

Well, not too shocking of news, but it still kinda sucks. Unless Suse were to change dramatically, I really don’t have any interest in switching. Too bad, Ximian did some cool stuf to Gnome.

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Governator Ale

From Die Puny Humans:

Govenator Ale

A few months ago “Governator Ale” was launched, complete with label featuring a cartoon of the former Mr Universe in a strongman pose. But Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attorneys took exception to this use of his image and production has now ceased, Portland Brewing Company has confirmed… BBC News

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Spam Woes

Nice to see I’m not the only one getting the occasional spam comment. Pretty damn annoying, but so far I haven’t had lot. I’ve held off on installing MT-Blacklist, since Movable Type 3.0 is coming out later this spring. One of the features of MT 3.0, is TypeKey which is a authentication system that should stop the spam comments that are plaguing a lot of blogs. Well, here’s hoping, that I don’t get a lot of spam between now and then.

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Free Culture on MP3

Seems that a bunch of bloggers are organizing a free audio copy of Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture. Looks like they’ve already recorded around half of the book already. Pretty cool. You can grab it here.

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A Guy With Too Much Time…

Ran across this website today. Dude, must have way too much time on his hands, to think this much about ‘Emo’. The sections on the different styles within the genre, and his favorite albums is sorta interesting, though. And on a side note, it appears the dude lives in Ken’s previous neck of the woods, down in Half-Moon Bay.

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