New CD’s


Picked up Jawbreaker‘s Etc. CD, and Just A Fire‘s Light Up CD today.

The Jawbreaker CD features songs from out of print 7 inches and various compilations they were on. It gives a pretty good picture of their progression over the years from a fairly punk sounding band, to their eventual emo-pop sound, while they were on Geffen records. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet disc to have, though I would suggest getting Bivouac or 24 Hour Revenge Therapy before this one.


I also picked up the latest cd from an old friend of mine from my
Webster House days. I’ve always liked most of the bands Fred has been over the years, so I’m probably not the best person to give an impartial review. Here’s a review some site gave it, though. Fred’s style of singing on the album is different than some of his other work, and probably an acquired taste for some.


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