Mono / C#

Yesterday, Slashdot and OS News both carried a story on Mono becoming the preferred platform for linux developement. I’m fairly leery on using Mono, since it’s basically an open-source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework. My main problem with Mono, is that it could potentially be at the mercies of the Redmond crew, down the road, depending on what patents they have. This article does a pretty good job of describing some of the possible pitfalls of using Mono. In addition, I’m not a giant fan of using runtime interface languages (like Java) in desktop applications, but that’s mainly since I’ve got an older machine.

With that said though, it looks like Gnome is definitely headed in that direction. With Novell / Ximian pushing it, and using it in their applications, most distributions will be including the Mono libraries. Of course, it will be interesting to see how some of the linux companies (Sun, IBM, Red Hat) supporting Gnome will deal with that, since they have no love for Microsoft.

I might install Mono this weekend, and see what it’s like to use. There seems to be plenty of documentation available, and I should be able to tinker on some small test application to see what it’s like.


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