Sen. Kennedy on Iraq

Fairly harsh words from Sen. Edward Kennedy on the Bush Adminstrations handling of Iraq:

“In making the case for war, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice spoke of the ‘mushroom cloud’ from a nuclear Saddam (Hussein).”

“The White House press office specifically called the threat ‘imminent.’ Vice President (Dick) Cheney said he was ‘convinced’ that Saddam would be acquiring nuclear weapons ‘fairly soon.”‘

“President Bush spoke in terms the intelligence community never used (and) called Iraq a ‘unique and urgent threat,”‘ Kennedy said.

“As we now know, it was all a distraction. There was no immediate threat. No nuclear weapons. No persuasive link to Al Qaeda. But we went to war anyway.”

“The most important decision a president ever makes is the decision on war and peace,” Kennedy said. “No president who takes our country to war like that deserves to be re-elected.” Yahoo!…

The Democrats so far, have done a pretty decent job of attacking Bush. I do wonder though, if they are going to peak a little to soon, since the election is still 7 months away.


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