Liberal Pirates

Air America Radio has gone live. Figure I give it a listen the next few days, and check out if it is any good. Should be interesting to hear Chuck D and Al Frankens shows. Of course now, I need to grab the Helix Real Player to listen to it.



  1. Huskersfan said

    It is going to be very entertaining beyond the airplay. Mainstream Right-Media will most probably suffer collective apoplexy.

    Please get this installed for me.

  2. Brian said

    Yeah, I’ll have to see if I can get The Helix player working correctly on Linux. Once I do, I’ll throw it on your machine.

  3. Helix Player
    Boy, spent the morning trying to get the Helix/Real Player working, so that I could listen to Air America Radio. Looks llke it’s a bust right now, since there appears to be a problem with Helix/Real working with browsers compiled…

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