Air America Woes

From Inside Radio:

Air America is temporarily off the air in Chicago and L.A. — in a time brokerage contract dispute with station owner Arthur Liu.

It’s a dramatic breaking story involving locks being changed at the Chicago station and rumors about money troubles. Rush Limbaugh was quick to pronounce the new lib-net in financial trouble, but Air America strongly says that’s not true — and it’s filing for a Temporary Restraining Order over the situation with its Chicago affiliate, Multicultural-owned WNTD (950). Air America programming is also off the air today at Multicultural’s KBLA (1580) in the Los Angeles market.

The war of words over Air America is happening right there on the radio today. First came the Rush Limbaugh stuff. Then Air America execs appeared on this afternoon’s Randi Rhodes show to address the spreading stories about money problems. Chairman Evan Cohen says in a website statement that “Multicultural’s conduct in this matter has been disgraceful” and a “clear violation of contractual obligations.” The AA suit claims it has “paid all amounts and is not otherwise in breach” of their deal.


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