iTunes ‘could cost $2.49 per song’


The major labels are looking at increasing the price of iTunes Music Store downloads to as much as $2.49, with experts predicting the move could kill the service.

The US record industry believe iTunes song are too cheap, and the five top labels (Universal Music Group, EMI, BMG, Sony and Warner Music) are discussing a price hike ranging from $1.25 to $2.49 per song.

The Washington Square News notes: “At that price, downloading music will become far more expensive than buying CDs, which would practically destroy the online music market.

“This is counter to everything the record companies should be doing. If anything, they should be cutting prices to make it more attractive to download music legally. Instead, this move will push online music junkies back into the world of file sharing. After all, who wants to pay more for less?

“If the price hike happens it would be more logical to buy a CD. You might pay a couple bucks more, but that extra money buys pretty packaging, better sound quality, often some sort of video extra and, significantly, use unrestricted by Digital Rights Management.

“The record industry doesn’t understand that the reason people flocked to free downloading services is because music simply costs too much.”

What a bunch of greedy rat-bastards!



  1. spence said

    What a bunch of fucking idiots. I imagine there are a ton of people, like myself, that have been waiting for the per song price to come down to a reasonable level before jumping on the download music stores. This would definitely kill the legal stores. Long live Kazaa/Grokster/LimeWire/SoulSeek or whatever it is the kids are using today.

  2. ken said

    This will kill iTunes ( . . . etc) dead.

    It will also turn people back to file-sharing with a vengence.

    I hope these stories are just trial balloons that the RIAA are floating to see if they can get away with it. . .

  3. Wander said

    New iTunes
    Apple upgraded iTunes to version 4.5 today. It looks like Apple has been quite busy adding new features: Share Your iMix. Post and email songs in your playlists for everyone to see. Rate iMixes from other music lovers to drive…

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