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Rumsfeld bans camera phones in Iraq

From Yahoo!:

Cellphones fitted with digital cameras have been banned in US army installations in Iraq on orders from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a business newspaper reported.

Quoting a Pentagon source, The Business newspaper said the US Defense Department believes that some of the damning photos of US soldiers abusing Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad were taken with camera phones.

“Digital cameras, camcorders and cellphones with cameras have been prohibited in military compounds in Iraq,” it said, adding that a “total ban throughout the US military” is in the works.

Disturbing new photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse, which the US government had reportedly tried to keep hidden, were published Friday in the Washington Post newspaper.

The photos emerged along with details of testimony from inmates at Abu Ghraib who said they were sexually molested by female soldiers, beaten, sodomized and forced to eat food from toilets.

Apparently, stopping the reporting of war crimes is the next best thing to actually doing something about them.


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Image Posting Test

Well, WordPress came out with a new version less than 24 hours since I installed it. Luckily, the upgrade takes about 5 minutes. One of the new features is the creation of thumbnails when images are uploaded. So, I figured I give it a try. Here’s a photo of my VooDoo Bokor being cleaned last Sunday.

(Click on image to get pop-up)
Bokor being cleaned.

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CD Burning Under Fedora Core 2

Well, after screwing around with trying to get my CD burner (Pacific Digital USB 2.0 Extreme-16) to work under FC2, I finally found the solution to my problem. Apparently, the 2.6 Kernel implements a new mechanism for applications that want to send raw commands to storage devices, this includes applications to burn CDs or to extract audio CDs. Instead of running cdrecord -scanbus to get the numeric device, you just need to run the following:

cdrecord –dev=/dev/cdrom image.iso

With the device being what cd drive is your burner, which in my case is cdrom1. This is a lot nicer than the old dev=1,0,0 method. I still can’t get my cd burner to work with the Nautilus CD Creator, but at least now I’m able to backup my data.

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Converted Site To WordPress

Well, I finally got around to switching my site over from Movable Type to WordPress. Have to say for the most part, the conversion was a piece of cake. Between WordPress’s installation documentation, and this guide for MT -> WordPress conversion, I didn’t have any problems. Now, I just need to mess with the template a bit, and I should be good to go. Don’t think this took more than 30 minutes. Sweet.

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Fedora Core 2

Spent today installing Fedora Core 2 onto my desktop. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, except for two issues. The first was that my cd drive (Samsung SC-140) is not even remotely recognized. Since around Redhat 8.0, my cd drive has had issues being noticed by Linux, but usually was detected for the installation process. Naturally, while installing FC2 my cd drive isn’t recognized at all. So, to work around this, I ended up doing an NFS installation from my server. No biggie, and when I upgrade the other desktop it will be easier to do. The second problem I encounted was that my NFS connections to my Ogg Vorbis and MP3’s was unable to connect. I kept getting the following errors on my server:

May 19 01:03:13 piedmont kernel: svc: unknown version (3)

And on my desktop, I would get the following error:

mount to NFS server ‘piedmont’ failed: server is down.

I ended up needing to modify my fstab entry to:

piedmont:/exports /mnt/server nfs nfsvers=2,exec,dev,rw,bg 1 1

Turns out you now need the nfsvers=2 option on. Thank god, there’s google, otherwise I would’ve ended up spending more than 10 minutes fixing this. So, far other than those small issues it’s been pretty trouble free. I still need to install MPlayer, and some other applications, but the bulk of the job is finished.

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Time To Leave Movable Type?

Well, Movable Type 3.0 was released yesterday. Unfortunately, they’ve changed to a more restrictive licensing plan. The new restrictions on the free license are pretty tight: one author, three blogs. Luckily, I still qualify for the free version. If you have more than one author though, prepare to fork over $99 (or $69, the current “inroductory” price). All of a sudden, the software isn’t just free, as long as you don’t use it to make money. It’s now free, if you don’t want to do much with it. This isn’t a big deal for me right now, but I might want to do more later, and the licensing terms seem a little too restrictive for my taste. Looks like I’ll be sticking with MT 2.661 for the time being, and need to install MT-Blacklist now, to fend off all the spam comments. Down the road, I might need to give WordPress a look, but I’m not really looking forward to having to convert my site yet once again.

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Colleges Offering Video Game Studies

From Yahoo!:

Playing video games is no longer just a pastime of young boys. Now it’s also homework for American college students.

Thanks to the growing place of games in mainstream entertainment, universities across the nation are now offering classes in video game design, hoping to teach students skills for a career in a business that now generates roughly as much revenue as Hollywood’s domestic box office receipts.

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