Time To Leave Movable Type?

Well, Movable Type 3.0 was released yesterday. Unfortunately, they’ve changed to a more restrictive licensing plan. The new restrictions on the free license are pretty tight: one author, three blogs. Luckily, I still qualify for the free version. If you have more than one author though, prepare to fork over $99 (or $69, the current “inroductory” price). All of a sudden, the software isn’t just free, as long as you don’t use it to make money. It’s now free, if you don’t want to do much with it. This isn’t a big deal for me right now, but I might want to do more later, and the licensing terms seem a little too restrictive for my taste. Looks like I’ll be sticking with MT 2.661 for the time being, and need to install MT-Blacklist now, to fend off all the spam comments. Down the road, I might need to give WordPress a look, but I’m not really looking forward to having to convert my site yet once again.


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  1. Spence said

    WordPress has a script for converting MT to WP. Not sure how well it works, but they seem to write pretty decent scripts. A lot of nice plugins from others coming in too.

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