Fedora Core 2

Spent today installing Fedora Core 2 onto my desktop. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, except for two issues. The first was that my cd drive (Samsung SC-140) is not even remotely recognized. Since around Redhat 8.0, my cd drive has had issues being noticed by Linux, but usually was detected for the installation process. Naturally, while installing FC2 my cd drive isn’t recognized at all. So, to work around this, I ended up doing an NFS installation from my server. No biggie, and when I upgrade the other desktop it will be easier to do. The second problem I encounted was that my NFS connections to my Ogg Vorbis and MP3’s was unable to connect. I kept getting the following errors on my server:

May 19 01:03:13 piedmont kernel: svc: unknown version (3)

And on my desktop, I would get the following error:

mount to NFS server ‘piedmont’ failed: server is down.

I ended up needing to modify my fstab entry to:

piedmont:/exports /mnt/server nfs nfsvers=2,exec,dev,rw,bg 1 1

Turns out you now need the nfsvers=2 option on. Thank god, there’s google, otherwise I would’ve ended up spending more than 10 minutes fixing this. So, far other than those small issues it’s been pretty trouble free. I still need to install MPlayer, and some other applications, but the bulk of the job is finished.


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