CD Burning Under Fedora Core 2

Well, after screwing around with trying to get my CD burner (Pacific Digital USB 2.0 Extreme-16) to work under FC2, I finally found the solution to my problem. Apparently, the 2.6 Kernel implements a new mechanism for applications that want to send raw commands to storage devices, this includes applications to burn CDs or to extract audio CDs. Instead of running cdrecord -scanbus to get the numeric device, you just need to run the following:

cdrecord –dev=/dev/cdrom image.iso

With the device being what cd drive is your burner, which in my case is cdrom1. This is a lot nicer than the old dev=1,0,0 method. I still can’t get my cd burner to work with the Nautilus CD Creator, but at least now I’m able to backup my data.


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