iAudio M3

I was looking at portable music players last night, and came across this gem.

iAudio M3
It look likes it could handle everything I would want from it:

  • Plays mp3, ogg and flac (and other shit like wav, wma, but who needs that?).
  • Is a usb2 storage device.
  • Records mp3.
  • Looks sexy and is small.
  • Battery life isn’t lousy either.
  • I’ll be able to rsync my music over. Eat that, iTunes.
  • Powered from the USB cable.
  • 40G should be enough for everyone™.
  • Getting good reviews. [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]


  1. /k said

    A few problems with this one:
    * No display on the unit. While the remote is nice, it will get lost or you will simply get tired of carrying it. My iPod has a remote and I never carry it.
    * No real software. iTunes, although Windows or PC only, rocks. Others may try to imitate it, but it is by far the best software out there.
    In short, this looks like a good device, but is just that. The iPod is a whole solution to your music.

  2. Brian said

    I agree wth your first point, the only weakness of this unit that I see is the remote.
    Having used iTunes only briefly, I’m not that sold on it. For me, Rhythmbox has been fine for music playback, and since I don’t rip cd’s all that often, I really don’t need that functionality built into my music player. As for the iPod, not being able to play Ogg Vorbis files is pretty much a deal breaker, since more than half of my collection is in this format.

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