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Begone Comment Spam

I’ve turned off comment moderation for now, and will see if WP‘s spam measures are enough to deal with all the spam thrown at it. I’ve noticed that today there’s been an unusually high number of spam attempts (must be the end-of-the-year rush). I’ve been averaging 1 spam comment every ten minutes or so, compared to maybe 1 spam comment a day. Luckily, there quite a bit of information on how to deal with this, so we’ll see how it goes.

This post pretty much sums up my feelings for these bottom feeders.

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Why There’s No Escaping the Blog

Fairly interesting article from Fortune magazine: Why There’s No Escaping the Blog.

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Yet Another Power Outage

Boy, this is really getting old. At least this one only lasted 5 hours.

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Whoa! Lennie passed away.

From Yahoo:

NEW YORK – “Law & Order” star Jerry Orbach has died of prostate cancer at age 69, a representative of the show said. Orbach announced last month he had been diagnosed with the disease.

Orbach, 69, starred for 12 seasons in the original “Law & Order” series, but left to head the spin-off “Law & Order: Trial by Jury,” set to debut next year.

His representatives had said Orbach was receiving treatment since spring, but refused to discuss how advanced the illness was or the nature of the treatment.

Orbach began playing Detective Lennie Briscoe in 1992, the original show’s third season.

Born in the Bronx, he was in the original cast of the off-off-Broadway hit “The Fantasticks” and has appeared in such films as “Dirty Dancing,” “Prince of the City” and “Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

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Back In Columbus

Made it back to Columbus, from my Grandmother’s funeral in Lima. It was nice seeing all my relatives, most of whom I haven’t seen in a long time, though I wish it was under better circumstances.

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Nasty Weather


Boy, the last 48 hours have really sucked. The storm that rolled thru Ohio on Wednesday really has crippled the town. Here in Clintonville, we were without power for 14 hours or so, and it is still intermittedly going out for short periods of time. Trying to keep my computers up for any length of time has proven fairly fruitless, so expect my server to be down periodically over the next few days.

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Shuttle Fixed

Last, night Ken and I threw a new 200 GB drive in my Shuttle, and spent the rest of the evening loading FC3, and hanging out at the local Cup ‘O Joe. Overall, the FC3 desktop looks a lot more like the standard Gnome desktop, with just Redhat’s Bluecurve icons added into the mix. This is a Good Thing™, since I wasn’t a giant fan of the old default look. Now, I just need to finish getting the system configured, and then it’s time to install the Sun JDS on a free partition, like I was planning to do last week.

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