Computers & Buggies

Sunday, I went up to Cleveland to load FC3 onto my sister’s computer. Normally, it shouldn’t have taken more than an hour or so, but there machine was unable to read my DVD installation disk, and I was forced to download the CD iso’s while I was there. I was finally able to begin the installation around 8:00 and spent the next few hours watching the Superbowl, while there machine installed the latest security updates. Finally, around 11:30 the system was finished and I was able to get some basic configuration done, before heading back to Columbus, since most of the remaining tasks I could do from there. Of course, it looks like I’ve caught the flu, so I haven’t done much since returning to Columbus.

While driving home I passed an Amish buggy, which I thought was weird since it was around 1:30 a.m. on Monday. Of course, about an half-hour later I came across an Amish guy riding his bike. Very wierd, what the hell could they be doing at that late hour?



  1. /k said

    I think the bigger question is “Why the hell is someone riding their bike in February in Ohio ?”

  2. The temperature was unseasonably warm that night. All of 45 degrees or so. 🙂

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