Nice Weather

Hawk Alongside Olentangy Trail

Surprisingly, the weather here in central Ohio has been beautiful so far this spring. Not much rain, and warmer than average temperatures. Sweet. I’ve spent most of the last week riding, but have been limited to using only the Olentangy Trail, since most of the other trails are closed till mid-May for erosion control. I’m not too bummed about this, since I’m pretty out-of-shape after not riding for five months. I’m thinking about participating in the Ohio Mountain Bike Championship Series this year, but I’m going to need to put on some serious miles to be ready for the first race at the end of May, so we’ll see. This week I’ve put on around 100 miles, but I’m feeling pretty worn down, so I’m going to take it easy and rest today. Providing the weather holds out, I’m going to do some long (40-50 mi.) and slow rides this weekend.

I ran across the hawk in the photo above yesterday while riding. He wasn’t more than 10 feet way, and didn’t seem scared of me in the slightest.


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