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Backyard 03

Well, I finished adding the gravel today to the backyard. Wasn’t too bad, though the humidity today was unreal. Now I just need to move all the stones to the back yard, and I’ll be pretty much done for the week.

Haven’t had much time for Fedora stuff the last week or so, though I did manage to push out the latest version of Gramps for FC4 today. The development branch should be finished building later this evening, and hopefully will be pushed out tomorrow.


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Backyard 01

I’ve spent the last week or so digging up a portion of the backyard, so that we can lay down a stone patio around the fire pit. The digging wasn’t so bad, but the hauling the dirt up the hill in the backyard wasn’t fun at all. The photo to the right was taken on Saturday, and the photo below was from yesterday. Today, I’ve started to fill this in with the ton of gravel piled in the driveway. This has proven to be a lot less time consuming than the digging was, which is a good thing since it was hot as hell today. I’m hoping to be finished with the gravel tomorrow, but I might have to finish it on Sunday, since there is a COLUG meeting tomorrow that I’m interested in attending.

Backyard 02

Still haven’t gotten around to taking in my rim into the shop to be rebuilt. Unfortunately, this time of year my local shop is super-busy, so I’m not sure how long they will take rebuilding it, but hopefully it will be finished by the time I get back from California.

I’m also gonna start to add Technorati Tags to my new blog entries. They’re basically just like Flickr tags, but for blog entries. I’m using Bunny’s Technorati Tag Plugin, which was fairly painless to install.

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Broken Spoke


Almost fully healed from last weekends crash on my bike, so I figured I’d go for a ride yesterday. Unfortunately, the inner-limit of my rear derailleur looks like it got tweaked during last weeks crash, which I found out while heading down to the trail. Behold the damage caused. Well, it could have been worse, but still the rear rim is gonna have to be replaced. D’oh! Guess I should probably also have a serious tune-up done also, since it’s gonna be in the shop anyhow.

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