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Stones, Music, and Computers

Backyard 04

Here’s some photos of the latest progress on the back yard project. The weather finally let up enough last week that I was able to add the sand last Friday, and moved the stones on Saturday. Now, the stones just need to be sunken and fitted together, and it should be pretty much done. Of course, getting them to fit closely together is like doing a large jigsaw puzzle with 30-pound pieces. Not fun. At least now there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this project. Hopefully, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of more weeks, providing the weather holds up.

Backyard 05

I picked up a used copy of Swervedriver’s Mezcal Head LP today. Pretty sweet, considering the albums cost so much here in the States, since it’s an import only.

Also, I pushed out Liferea 0.9.4, Freeciv 2.0.4, and Contact Lookup Applet 0.13 in Fedora Extras today. Most of these where bug-fix releases, so there wasn’t much work involved.


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Bikes & Barbeque

RibFest 02

Went riding today, and decided to head downtown for the Columbus Jazz & RibFest. Pretty amazing how many people were down there, considering how hot and humid it was. The hardest part was deciding which vendor to get some barbeque from. You can’t really tell from the photo to the right, but there where vendors almost all the way to buildings in the background, and in addition there were more on the other side of the river. I figured since I still needed to ride home (around 8 miles or so), I would refrain from getting a half-rack of ribs, and go with a shredded beef sandwich from the Texas Thunder booth.

RibFest 01

Unfortunately, between the sandwich, oppressive heat, and a strong headwind, the ride home was rough. I must have only had an average speed of 12 mph. Depending how the weather is tomorrow, I might head down there again, and sample some of the vendors on the west-side of the river.

Picked up a copy of The Clash on Broadway from the library this week. Very cool, has pretty much every Clash song you can think of on it.

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Voodoo Redux

Sweet. Got my bike back today, after having dropped it off on Sunday. In addition to having the rear wheel rebuilt, I also had the bike cables replaced. It ended up costing me around $150 altogether, but it was worth it. The bike feels brand new, though this is mainly due to the new cables.

Watched Ocean’s Twelve this weekend. Very mediocre.

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Back Home

Ken 02

Made it back to Ohio last night, and have been greeted by rain and power-outages. Yuck.

Over the weekend, Ken and I ended up riding around 55 miles, so I didn’t really have the energy to write any posts before returning home. Here’s a photo of Ken at the top of a hill in EDH from our ride on Sunday. You can’t really tell, but those are tree tops right behind him.

Today, I’ve started to look at getting my rear bike rim replaced, but unfortunately, it looks like I might need to special order it. The shop is estimating that it will take approximately about 2 weeks to receive it. Arrrgh! Additionally, it looks like it will cost around $70 for the rim, and around $40 for labor. So I’m left with a dilemma, for just a little more I can just about get a whole new rear wheel, or have my wheel rebuilt with the existing hub. Figure I’ll have to do some more looking around, and make a decision by the weekend.

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American River


Went for a ride tonight on the American River bike trail with Kelly. We ended up riding around 18 miles or so, with the obligatory stop at Jaeger’s for a drink. Overall a pretty good time, though the ride back to Kelly’s in the dark was a little sketchy.

Also, I managed to push out Gramps 2.0.5 to FE this afternoon.

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Off To Sacramento

Well, I’m just about finished packing, and just need to get my ass down to the airport.

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