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Ken 02

Made it back to Ohio last night, and have been greeted by rain and power-outages. Yuck.

Over the weekend, Ken and I ended up riding around 55 miles, so I didn’t really have the energy to write any posts before returning home. Here’s a photo of Ken at the top of a hill in EDH from our ride on Sunday. You can’t really tell, but those are tree tops right behind him.

Today, I’ve started to look at getting my rear bike rim replaced, but unfortunately, it looks like I might need to special order it. The shop is estimating that it will take approximately about 2 weeks to receive it. Arrrgh! Additionally, it looks like it will cost around $70 for the rim, and around $40 for labor. So I’m left with a dilemma, for just a little more I can just about get a whole new rear wheel, or have my wheel rebuilt with the existing hub. Figure I’ll have to do some more looking around, and make a decision by the weekend.


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