Bikes & Barbeque

RibFest 02

Went riding today, and decided to head downtown for the Columbus Jazz & RibFest. Pretty amazing how many people were down there, considering how hot and humid it was. The hardest part was deciding which vendor to get some barbeque from. You can’t really tell from the photo to the right, but there where vendors almost all the way to buildings in the background, and in addition there were more on the other side of the river. I figured since I still needed to ride home (around 8 miles or so), I would refrain from getting a half-rack of ribs, and go with a shredded beef sandwich from the Texas Thunder booth.

RibFest 01

Unfortunately, between the sandwich, oppressive heat, and a strong headwind, the ride home was rough. I must have only had an average speed of 12 mph. Depending how the weather is tomorrow, I might head down there again, and sample some of the vendors on the west-side of the river.

Picked up a copy of The Clash on Broadway from the library this week. Very cool, has pretty much every Clash song you can think of on it.


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