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Gossip & Loudmouth

Since it’s been raining for the last day or so, I’ve had some extra time to push out new versions of Gossip and Loudmouth for Fedora. This release of Gossip was pretty much just code refactoring, but at least they were finally able to add spell-checking capabilities.


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Polar Pacer

Polar Pacer 01

After talking to Ken today, I figured I would get off my ass, and finally get around to replacing the battery for my heart rate monitor. For some reason, I thought it used a different connector for the battery, and this was the main reason I had procrastinated replacing the battery for so long. Obviously, I must have had my head up my ass, though. It ended up taking all of 5 minutes to take apart, and after a quick trip to Target and $4.00 later, I had my replacement battery. Here’s a photo of it running now.

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