Out Into The Woods


After finally healing and getting over a nasty case of poison ivy from my last ride at Alum, I figured it was about time to head out there again. In addition, I finally got around to replacing my old tires with a new set of WTB VelociRaptor’s. Of course, this wasn’t an easy project since WTB tires are a real pain-in-the-ass to get on & off the rim.

Regardless, this time I figured I’d ride a little more conservatively, since I didn’t really want to get laid-up again. Having a new set of tires made a world of difference out on the trails, since the trail is thickly covered in leaves and my old tires were pretty much bald. Here’s a photo to give you an idea of how many leaves are already down. Pretty soon, it’s gonna be just about impossible to even see the trail.


In less pleasant news, we had to put my mother’s cat, Chloe, to sleep yesterday. She was about 20 years old, and her health had seriously deteriorated the last couple of months, so it wasn’t totally unexpected.

During the weeks while I waiting for my leg to heal, I spent some time watching some of the various tech video podcasts that are out on the web. Pretty amazing just how many there are. Some of the ones I’ve sampled have been TWiT (the one with Lawrence Lessig is worth watching. Here’s a link to the bittorrent), commandN, Diggnation, DigitalLifeTV and NerdTV. Most of the video podcasts seem to be done by refugees from TechTV, but it is interesting to see what content is being made available out on the web.


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  1. kelly said

    Sorry to hear about Chloe. Hard to believe she was almost 20. I remember when she was a kitten. Sad.

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