Serenity Now

a bridge 01

Went to Alum Creek today to ride, since the weather here is beginning to turn unpleasant. Can’t really complain too much about today though, since it was about 55 degrees. Compared to last week when the temperature hovered around the 40 degree mark, it felt almost spring-like. The trail was a little sketchy in some of the turns due to all the fallen leaves, but overall it was a blast. Hopefully, this weather will stick around for awhile, and I can squeeze in a few more rides before the snow comes.

Finally got around to seeing Serenity last Tuesday. Overall, it was one of the better movies I’ve seen this year. Of course, since I also enjoyed Firefly, that’s not terribly surprising.

I’ve been spending more time than usual working on various FE and GNOME projects, since the weather has been turning nasty. I managed to push out new packages in FE for Liferea, SDL_mixer, and XChat-GNOME. I’ve also spent some time working on adding some help documentation to Gossip. While working on that, it made me realize how poor my writting skills have gotten over the years. Maybe that realization will be enough incentive for me to post here more often.


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