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General Musings at the End of the Year

Cup O' Joe

I’m finally over that nasty case of the flu that I had the week before Christmas, which means that it is once again time to hang at my favorite coffee shop, Cup O’ Joe. Of course, the crew that works there are fairly slack, so it’s only open to 6:00 tonight. Oh, well.

One good thing about being sick was that it gave me some time to finish a few books I’ve been taking forever to finish. Here’s what has been occupying my reading time for the last week or so:

  • Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace by Lawrence Lessig. Considering it was written in 1999, it’s amazing how many of his predictions are coming to pass. Truthfully it’s a little sad, since the book is fairly bleak in it’s view of the future. For example, just look at the craziness of what AT&T and BellSouth are trying to do with their current lobbying for a two-tiered Internet.
  • Eisner/Miller by Charles Brownstein, which is basically a conversation between Will Eisner and Frank Miller about the history of comics, and its relationship with other forms of entertainment. Pretty good read if your interested in comics and its history.
  • Programming Jabber by DJ Adams. Fairly dry read, but it gives a lot of good information on the Jabber protocol. I’m still working on adding PGP support to Gossip, but at least the Jabber requirements are fairly straightforward. Now, I just need to read up on the API documentation for GPGME, and I can finally get around to writing a patch.

I think one of my resolutions for 2006 will be to read more fictional books, since this year the only one I read was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

Let’s see, what else has been happening here? Oh, I updated my WordPress installation to the latest version. It looks real nice, but they use a WYSIWYG editor now if you post from a web browser. It totally sucks. I’ve spent more time screwing around with this than I care to admit. It doesn’t help of course that all the hot keys used for formatting, conflict with the key bindings used by my browser, Epiphany. Of course, all this frustration might finally motivate me to work on a patch for Gnome Blog that adds category support. There is one sitting out in Bugzilla already, that just needs to be modified, so that if you don’t use categories on your blog, it won’t even show the category drop-down box in your interface.

Update: It turns out that you can get the WordPress hot keys to work in Epiphany by using Alt+Shift+<letter>. Of course, this doesn’t change my opinion about the crappiness of the editor.

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