Honey, I shrunk the Constitution

Finished reading Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig this week. It deals with how Copyright law is being used to shrink the public domain. Lessig gives numerous examples of how copyright law has changed over the years to the advantage of the big media companies. For example just look at Disney, whose many animated features are based on public domain work (Snow White, Cinderella, Pinoccho, etc), but is one main parties that pushed for the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. Pretty hypocritical. The most interesting chapters in my opinion, were chapters 13 and 14, where Lessig writes about arguing Eldred v. Ashcroft before the Supreme Court, and where he thinks he made an error in that argument. Of his three books, this would be the one I would most recommend for people to read. BTW, the title for this post is from a line in his book, which I though was pretty funny.

Speaking of Lessig, he has placed a presentation about Google Book Search (which I haven’t had a chance to view yet) on his blog, in case anyone here is interested.


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