How Long Until Kelly Writes About This?

From the AP:

Manuel Villanueva realizes he has been getting a pretty good deal since he signed up for Netflix Inc.’s online DVD rental service 2 1/2 years ago, but he still feels shortchanged. That’s because the $17.99 monthly fee that he pays to rent up to three DVDs at a time would amount to an even bigger bargain if the company didn’t penalize him for returning his movies so quickly.

Netflix typically sends about 13 movies per month to Villanueva’s home in Warren, Mich. – down from the 18 to 22 DVDs he once received before the company’s automated system identified him as a heavy renter and began delaying his shipments to protect its profits.

The same Netflix formula also shoves Villanueva to the back of the line for the most-wanted DVDs, so the service can send those popular flicks to new subscribers and infrequent renters.

The little-known practice, called “throttling” by critics, means Netflix customers who pay the same price for the same service are often treated differently, depending on their rental patterns.

Since I know that Kelly is quite the movie buff, I’m sure he’s been screwed by the man on this one.


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  1. kelly said

    Oh, I have been SCREWED by Netflix more than once, but this particular issue hasn’t hit the Collins household. It might have something to do with my Netflix queue being filled with movies that nobody wants to see, but I’m not sure. Personally, I think C.H.U.D. was overlooked in the 1984 Oscars.

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