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Gossip 0.10.2

Martyn released a new version of Gossip today. My patch for libnotify’s 0.3.2 API made it in, but unfortunately since FC5 is gonna ship with libnotify-0.3.0, I’ll have to hold off on enabling this for FE. I did manage to finish a patch for the notify-daemon that removes it dependency on libsexy, so we should see an update of libnotify sometime in the near-future.

The announcement for Gossip with a list of changes can be found here:

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Warm Weather and a Bad Dog


Riding in March
It’s surprisingly warm here in Columbus today, so I figured I would try to go out riding this morning while I had the chance. Since it’s been raining almost constantly also, I decided I’d break out my BMX bike since it’s a heck of lot easier to clean than my Voodoo Bokor. I haven’t ridden it in around a year or so, and had forgotten just how heavy it was. My arms and shoulder are definitely gonna feel sore tomorrow. Still, it is pretty damn fun to jump with.

I was able to ride for an hour or so before it started to rain. Considering it’s the middle of March I’ve got nothing to complain about, especially when you compare the weather here to what my brother experienced while racing yesterday in California.

Finally got fed-up with Beagle enough, that I removed it from my system today. It really didn’t live up to all they hype that seems to surround it, especially considering what a resource-hog it is.

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