Gossip 0.10.2

Martyn released a new version of Gossip today. My patch for libnotify’s 0.3.2 API made it in, but unfortunately since FC5 is gonna ship with libnotify-0.3.0, I’ll have to hold off on enabling this for FE. I did manage to finish a patch for the notify-daemon that removes it dependency on libsexy, so we should see an update of libnotify sometime in the near-future.

The announcement for Gossip with a list of changes can be found here: http://lists.imendio.com/pipermail/gossip-dev/2006-March/008604.html


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  1. emily said

    Thought you would be interested in this Linux system they are coming out with. I copied this info from todays Digital Lifestyle online mag. Its about the “Municator” a new low cost Linux portable system:

    First off, the Municator is a tiny machine. As you can see in the screenshot, compared to the monitor, the computer looks about the size of a high speed modem. It only weighs about 400 grams, so bringing it around with you is a simple task. Finding a monitor to hook it up to is a more daunting challenge, but this isn’t really a problem either, as the Municator connects to both TVs and computer monitors. As for the actual specs, the computer runs on a 400 mhz/800mhz Godson 2C processor, a 40 Gigabyte hard drive, and 256 MB of RAM. Pretty basic stuff really, but this seems to be the mentality that the company is aiming for. The actual OS that the Municator runs on is a modified version of Linux, called Thinix OS. This OS makes things simple for the average computer user, as it supports all of the basics. Internet browsing is simple and easy, and done through Mozilla’s FireFox, while the email client offered is Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Instant Messaging, media playback, and word processing are also included in this simple and convenient package. The best part of all however? The unbeatable $146 price tag of course!

    Hard to beat a $146 computer! Can’t figure out how to link the picture but if you keyword Linux on Google News you should find the articles about it.

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