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Weekend Roundup


Spent most of my weekend riding, since I finally got my rear wheel back from my local bike shop. I pretty much stuck to the Olentangy Trail on Saturday and Sunday, since we had a lot of rain this week and Alum Creek needed time to dry out. Still, it was a pretty good time, and I ended up riding around 80 miles or so.

On Monday, I went out to Alum Creek and for the first half of the ride it was a blast. That came to a screeching halt on a downhill, where I caught my handlebar going between two trees and bit it hard. I ended up slicing up my knee a bit, but for the most part was unhurt. My front wheel on the other hand wasn’t so lucky, as one of it spokes broke in the fall. Pretty crappy luck, considering I just got my rear wheel back from the shop on Thursday. The rest of the ride wasn’t nearly as fun, since I had to disconnect my front brakes to be able to ride out of the trail system. It did give me a chance to look at some of the new stunts that have been built this year on the trail.


I also spent some time working on a RPM package for Last Exit, which is a music player for Unfortunately it can’t go into FE, since without mp3 support it’s not really functional. Also, if I remember correctly, it doesn’t work with the current version of gstreamer that comes with FC5 (I’m using GStreamer’s FC5 repo). Regardless, it’s a pretty cool application.

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A Broken Spoke

Broken Spoke

The weather here in Ohio has finally turned nice, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on my bike the last month or so. Unfortunately on Friday, I misjudged how big a drop-off there was on the trail, and ended up landing so hard that I broke one of the spokes on my rear wheel. Crap.

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