iAudio U2

iAudio U2

Earlier this week I received my iAudio U2 that I ordered off of Amazon.com. I’ve been looking for a while for a portable music player that played nicely with Linux, and also handled Ogg Vorbis files, since most of my music collection is in this format. The U2 meets both of these criteria, and also is real small to boot. Sweet. The only downside I’ve experienced so far with it is a limitation of 50 folders to sort music. This isn’t that big of an issue for me since I went with the 1 GB model.

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  1. Peter Lemenkov said

    You’d better look at iPod (previous versions) – it can be easily upgraded with rockbox firmware. With this fw iPod gains suport for FLAC, WavPack, Ogg, AAC, ALAC and many others…

    I prefer downloading lostless images of CD (via mldonkey), so support for WavPack and FLAC was very attractive for me )

  2. MrTom said

    I bought a U2 two years ago and I’m still using it every day. I didn’t want a music player with mechanism so I got this 1GB flash memory music player. A new firmware (1.68) just came out 10 days ago, on http://www.iaudio.com, if you’re interested in.

    In France some websites tell that Apple music players are not as polished and robust than Cowon one… to bad really ?

    I also bought a Creative EP-630 in-ear earphones and the sound is now amazing. Really, it worth it. I would definitely buy a new U2 if mine was out of order.

  3. Peter, I’m aware that the iPod can upgraded with rockbox but why bother when the iAudio is cheaper, and natively supports Ogg Vorbis? Also, with only 1 GB of flash, using FLAC doesn’t make sense.

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