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FESCo Election Results

The Fedora Engineering Steering Committee election is over, and the members for the 2007/2008 FESCo are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Christopher Aillon
  2. Josh Boyer
  3. Tom Callaway
  4. Kevin Fenzi
  5. Dennis Gilmore
  6. Christian Iseli
  7. Jeremy Katz
  8. Jesse Keating
  9. Bill Nottingham
  10. Brian Pepple
  11. Jason Tibbitts
  12. Warren Togami
  13. David Woodhouse

The first meeting for the new FESCo will be July 26, at 17:00 UTC in the #fedora-meeting IRC channel.

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FESCo elections voting open

Voting is now open for the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee elections. All 13 seats are up for election. The candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Christopher Aillon
  2. James Bowes
  3. Josh Boyer
  4. Tom Callaway
  5. Kevin Fenzi
  6. Dennis Gilmore
  7. Christian Iseli
  8. Jeremy Katz
  9. Jesse Keating
  10. Bill Nottingham
  11. Brian Pepple
  12. John Poelstra
  13. Jason Tibbitts
  14. Warren Togami
  15. David Woodhouse

For details and some future plans of these fine people see:

Anyone who has signed the Fedora CLA, and has an addition account (like ambassadors, art, cvs*, fedorabugs, l10n-commits, web, etc.) in the Fedora Account System is eligible to vote.

Voting will end at July 22 23:59:59 UTC.

To vote, please go to

If you have any questions or problems with voting, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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