Looking for some Empathy testers

I’m looking for some folks to test an update for Empathy in F14 to fix a bug where Empathy wasn’t importing Fedora’s CA-Certs. For users of GoogleTalk, this will fix being notified each time you login about an untrusted certificate.

For folks that want to test this, you can run the following to get the update:

su -c ‘yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update empathy’

And after testing, if you would be so kind to leave karma or comments in bodhi it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




  1. bochecha said

    I don’t use GoogleTalk, but everytime I log in my Jabber account (@talkr.im) I get the invalid CA alert.

    So I’ll test this update for sure.

    However, it might hide a second bug: Empathy seems to never remember my choice when I check the box to always accept the certificate:

    • Brian Pepple said

      This will only fix it if your XMPP server cert is included in Fedora’s ca-cert. The bug about Empathy not remembering self-signed certs is open in Fedora’s & upstream’s bugzilla.

  2. Robert said

    The problem I still have is that the Expected hostname is differente than the certificate hostname: talk.google.com, I do not see an option to remember the selection on the certificate confirmation window

  3. F. Kooman said

    Yes there is a bug in Empathy it seems where the certificate is not checked against the server hostname you connect to, but the part after the @ in your Login ID. Which is just wrong 🙂

  4. bcl said

    FYI, wordpress is turning the dashdash into a hyphen so copy and paste needs to be edited before it will run.

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