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Deploying OpenStack

TenrecHaven’t written anything on this blog in ages, but decided to dust it off since my brother has recently written a book that readers of Planet Fedora might have an interest in. The book is O’Reilly Media’s “Deploying OpenStack“.

The book is intended to provide an introduction to the OpenStack project (Glance, Swift and Nova) “Cactus” release, an architectural overview of each component and some best practices for their deployment. Here are the chapter listings:

  • The OpenStack Project
  • Understanding Swift
  • Understanding Glance
  • Understanding Nova
  • Obtaining Nova
  • Planning Nova Deployment
  • Installing Nova
  • Using Nova
  • Administering Nova

However, this book is not “OpenStack: The Definitive Guide” or any such tome:

  • It is a relatively short 80 pages.
  • It is also very heavily weighted towards Nova. That is not to say that Swift or Glance aren’t covered, it is just not to the same level of detail. For example, Swift installation is not covered, while an entire chapter is devoted to Nova’s installation.
  • It only documents a single node installation in two controlled ways. It doesn’t cover every hardware variation or deployment scenario.

If you are interested in this book, I would recommend getting the Ebook version. It is cheaper, it comes in almost any format (ePub, Mobi, PDF) and it will be updated.  You will see additional content come out for it, as it is written. For anyone that has been following the OpenStack community, you will realize that the code changes quickly.

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