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Looking for some Empathy testers

I’m looking for some folks to test an update for Empathy in F14 to fix a bug where Empathy wasn’t importing Fedora’s CA-Certs. For users of GoogleTalk, this will fix being notified each time you login about an untrusted certificate.

For folks that want to test this, you can run the following to get the update:

su -c ‘yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update empathy’

And after testing, if you would be so kind to leave karma or comments in bodhi it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Weekend Roundup


Spent most of my weekend riding, since I finally got my rear wheel back from my local bike shop. I pretty much stuck to the Olentangy Trail on Saturday and Sunday, since we had a lot of rain this week and Alum Creek needed time to dry out. Still, it was a pretty good time, and I ended up riding around 80 miles or so.

On Monday, I went out to Alum Creek and for the first half of the ride it was a blast. That came to a screeching halt on a downhill, where I caught my handlebar going between two trees and bit it hard. I ended up slicing up my knee a bit, but for the most part was unhurt. My front wheel on the other hand wasn’t so lucky, as one of it spokes broke in the fall. Pretty crappy luck, considering I just got my rear wheel back from the shop on Thursday. The rest of the ride wasn’t nearly as fun, since I had to disconnect my front brakes to be able to ride out of the trail system. It did give me a chance to look at some of the new stunts that have been built this year on the trail.


I also spent some time working on a RPM package for Last Exit, which is a music player for Unfortunately it can’t go into FE, since without mp3 support it’s not really functional. Also, if I remember correctly, it doesn’t work with the current version of gstreamer that comes with FC5 (I’m using GStreamer’s FC5 repo). Regardless, it’s a pretty cool application.

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Gossip 0.10.2

Martyn released a new version of Gossip today. My patch for libnotify’s 0.3.2 API made it in, but unfortunately since FC5 is gonna ship with libnotify-0.3.0, I’ll have to hold off on enabling this for FE. I did manage to finish a patch for the notify-daemon that removes it dependency on libsexy, so we should see an update of libnotify sometime in the near-future.

The announcement for Gossip with a list of changes can be found here:

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Warm Weather and a Bad Dog


Riding in March
It’s surprisingly warm here in Columbus today, so I figured I would try to go out riding this morning while I had the chance. Since it’s been raining almost constantly also, I decided I’d break out my BMX bike since it’s a heck of lot easier to clean than my Voodoo Bokor. I haven’t ridden it in around a year or so, and had forgotten just how heavy it was. My arms and shoulder are definitely gonna feel sore tomorrow. Still, it is pretty damn fun to jump with.

I was able to ride for an hour or so before it started to rain. Considering it’s the middle of March I’ve got nothing to complain about, especially when you compare the weather here to what my brother experienced while racing yesterday in California.

Finally got fed-up with Beagle enough, that I removed it from my system today. It really didn’t live up to all they hype that seems to surround it, especially considering what a resource-hog it is.

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Various Bits

Martyn released a new version of Gossip today, so I spent this morning working on pushing this out in FE. It should be available later today, since FE is in the midst of a massive rebuild due to the upcoming FC5 release.

What else has been going on? I’m about half-way through writing the GStreamer backend for the Nautilis-Flac-Converter. Ross Burton pointed me to a project (Sound Converter), that is similar in use, for examples on how to implement it. Unfortunately, since it was written in Python, I wasn’t really able to use any code from it. It did help me figure out the pipeline I needed to use in GStreamer to convert the FLAC file, though. For example, to convert a FLAC to an ogg vorbis file with gst-launch (a tool that builds and runs basic GStreamer pipelines), I would simply run:

gst-launch filesrc location=02-Rebirth.flac ! flacdec ! audioconvert ! audio/x-raw-float,rate=44100,channels=2 ! vorbisenc name=enc quality=0.6 ! oggmux ! filesink location=02-Rebirth.ogg

Basically, in the extension I’m just recreating this pipeline, which will allow me to switch parts of the pipline with the approriate elements for encoding. I’m using large chunks of code from Sound-Juicer, so the work so far has been fairly minimal. Depending on how much time and motivation I have, I’m hoping to finish this up in the next couple of weeks.

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Bike Trainer 2

Been fairly busy the last couple of weeks, so naturally my posting here has been fairly sparse. I did manage to finally put together my bike trainer last week, though. Unlike Ken’s experience, I didn’t run into any problems setting it up. Well, that’s not totally true, since I spent forever removing my new WTB VelociRaptor from my rear wheel, and replacing it with my old bald WTB EnduroRaptor. Once I finally finished that crappy job, it was a cinch putting together the CycleOps Magneto Trainer. I’ve only used it for a few days, but so far I’m pretty happy with its performance. It’s a little loud, though if I threw on a road tire that would probably cut down a little noise. I was a little worried at first that it wouldn’t provide enough resistance, but so far that hasn’t turned out to be true (this could be due to not having ridden in about two months).

Nautilus-Flac-Converter 02

Yesterday, I wrote a Nautilus extension (Nautilus-Flac-Converter) to convert FLAC files to Ogg Vorbis. Here’s a link to the GnomeFiles page for it. My main reason for writing the extension was so I can easily encode my FLACS that I’ve archived to DVD, without having to drop to a command line. As is, the extension doesn’t allow me to do that, since you can’t write to the FLAC directory since it’s read-only (DVD). In my next version, I’m going to add a folder chooser button, so you can encode files to another directory, which should fix that problem. It’s a pretty quick hack, so I’ll probably release a new version later this week. After that, I’m gonna look at using GStreamer to handle the encoding, since it will allow me to easily add MP3 support without needing to add any patent-encumbered code to the extension. It will also allow me to remove the quality option from the initial dialog window, since that will be handled by the GStreamer profiles (for an example, look at how Sound-Juicer handles it). The only thing the dialog would need to show would be the format you wish to encode to, and where the files should be written to. Of course, adding GStreamer support will be significantly more work since I’ve only played around with it sparingly, so it will be a while before I implement that.

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General Musings at the End of the Year

Cup O' Joe

I’m finally over that nasty case of the flu that I had the week before Christmas, which means that it is once again time to hang at my favorite coffee shop, Cup O’ Joe. Of course, the crew that works there are fairly slack, so it’s only open to 6:00 tonight. Oh, well.

One good thing about being sick was that it gave me some time to finish a few books I’ve been taking forever to finish. Here’s what has been occupying my reading time for the last week or so:

  • Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace by Lawrence Lessig. Considering it was written in 1999, it’s amazing how many of his predictions are coming to pass. Truthfully it’s a little sad, since the book is fairly bleak in it’s view of the future. For example, just look at the craziness of what AT&T and BellSouth are trying to do with their current lobbying for a two-tiered Internet.
  • Eisner/Miller by Charles Brownstein, which is basically a conversation between Will Eisner and Frank Miller about the history of comics, and its relationship with other forms of entertainment. Pretty good read if your interested in comics and its history.
  • Programming Jabber by DJ Adams. Fairly dry read, but it gives a lot of good information on the Jabber protocol. I’m still working on adding PGP support to Gossip, but at least the Jabber requirements are fairly straightforward. Now, I just need to read up on the API documentation for GPGME, and I can finally get around to writing a patch.

I think one of my resolutions for 2006 will be to read more fictional books, since this year the only one I read was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

Let’s see, what else has been happening here? Oh, I updated my WordPress installation to the latest version. It looks real nice, but they use a WYSIWYG editor now if you post from a web browser. It totally sucks. I’ve spent more time screwing around with this than I care to admit. It doesn’t help of course that all the hot keys used for formatting, conflict with the key bindings used by my browser, Epiphany. Of course, all this frustration might finally motivate me to work on a patch for Gnome Blog that adds category support. There is one sitting out in Bugzilla already, that just needs to be modified, so that if you don’t use categories on your blog, it won’t even show the category drop-down box in your interface.

Update: It turns out that you can get the WordPress hot keys to work in Epiphany by using Alt+Shift+<letter>. Of course, this doesn’t change my opinion about the crappiness of the editor.

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