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iAudio U2

iAudio U2

Earlier this week I received my iAudio U2 that I ordered off of I’ve been looking for a while for a portable music player that played nicely with Linux, and also handled Ogg Vorbis files, since most of my music collection is in this format. The U2 meets both of these criteria, and also is real small to boot. Sweet. The only downside I’ve experienced so far with it is a limitation of 50 folders to sort music. This isn’t that big of an issue for me since I went with the 1 GB model.

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It’s Not All Political Paranoia


Boy, been awhile since I posted anything here.

The Evens
Saw The Evens on Monday night at the Chop Chop Gallery. It was a pretty cool show, and a lot more intimate setting than the last time I saw Ian play. I’m guessing there were probably 70 or so people max.

For those interested, it looks like someone posted a couple of videos from the show to YouTube:

Finally got around to finishing Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. It was as good as everyone has said it was, but I have a hell of a time actually sitting down and reading a fictional book anymore. It must have taken me over two months to get through it. 😦

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Stones, Music, and Computers

Backyard 04

Here’s some photos of the latest progress on the back yard project. The weather finally let up enough last week that I was able to add the sand last Friday, and moved the stones on Saturday. Now, the stones just need to be sunken and fitted together, and it should be pretty much done. Of course, getting them to fit closely together is like doing a large jigsaw puzzle with 30-pound pieces. Not fun. At least now there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this project. Hopefully, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of more weeks, providing the weather holds up.

Backyard 05

I picked up a used copy of Swervedriver’s Mezcal Head LP today. Pretty sweet, considering the albums cost so much here in the States, since it’s an import only.

Also, I pushed out Liferea 0.9.4, Freeciv 2.0.4, and Contact Lookup Applet 0.13 in Fedora Extras today. Most of these where bug-fix releases, so there wasn’t much work involved.

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Bikes & Barbeque

RibFest 02

Went riding today, and decided to head downtown for the Columbus Jazz & RibFest. Pretty amazing how many people were down there, considering how hot and humid it was. The hardest part was deciding which vendor to get some barbeque from. You can’t really tell from the photo to the right, but there where vendors almost all the way to buildings in the background, and in addition there were more on the other side of the river. I figured since I still needed to ride home (around 8 miles or so), I would refrain from getting a half-rack of ribs, and go with a shredded beef sandwich from the Texas Thunder booth.

RibFest 01

Unfortunately, between the sandwich, oppressive heat, and a strong headwind, the ride home was rough. I must have only had an average speed of 12 mph. Depending how the weather is tomorrow, I might head down there again, and sample some of the vendors on the west-side of the river.

Picked up a copy of The Clash on Broadway from the library this week. Very cool, has pretty much every Clash song you can think of on it.

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DVD Jon Still Pissing Off Apple


A group of underground programmers has posted code online they say will reopen a back door in Apple Computer’s iTunes store, allowing Linux computer users to purchase music free of copy protection.

The release comes just a day after Apple blocked a previous version of the program, called PyMusique, in part by requiring all iTunes customers to use the latest version of Apple’s software.

In a blog posting, Norwegian programmer Jon Johansen, who was previously responsible for releasing software used to copy DVDs online, said he had been successful at reverse engineering the latest iTunes encryption.

Pretty amazing how quick he thwarted Apple’s efforts to stop PyMusique. I haven’t gotten around to installing it on my machine, since I’m not really interested in purchasing ‘lossy’ (mp3, aac, etc.) music. Now, if they offered music in FLAC or other similar lossless formats, I would probably consider it.

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Dischord Releases Available As Downloads

From Dischord Records:

The entire Dischord catalog, including albums long out of print on CD/LP, will soon be available for digital downloading at a number of download websites. We have always maintained that the effort to make music widely available should always include independent options along with the usual mainstream outlets. With that in mind we have made our catalog available to the folks at as well as the iTunes online music stores in the US and Europe. These sites have a large number of Dischord releases available right now and the entire catalog should be online within the month. The back catalog will also soon be available from Microsoft Music and In the future we hope to offer these services directly through our own website.

Pretty cool, though, I wonder what format it will be offered as. Hopefully, they’ll use something like FLAC.

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Long Time No Post


Boy, I’ve been really lazy about posting the last month or so. I blame it on this long, grey winter we’ve been having in Ohio. As these guys to the right can attest, it’s been cold as hell here.

I’ve been fairly busy the last couple of weeks working on some of the packages I maintain for Fedora Extras, and now that my CVS account has been set-up, I can finally check-in my changes. I’ll probably pick up a couple of the packages that are being moved from Fedora Core 4 over to Fedora Extras, right now the only one that interests me is Freeciv.

Been listening to Radio Wazee quite a bit lately. It’s not too bad for an internet radio station, heck, I wasn’t even aware the new Spitalfield was coming out next week, until I heard a track (“Gold Dust vs. State Of Illinois”) a couple of weeks ago.

Rented the first season of The Wire last week. Very cool series, too bad I waited until it’s over to check it out.

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