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HDTV on MythTV

Here’s an interesting write-up on how to get HDTV working with MythTV.


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Good News

Looks like the Broadcast Flag was struck down by the U.S. Court of Appeals today. Cool, it’s always nice to see the MPAA get it’s just desserts.

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The Wire

Cool, it looks like I was a little premature about The Wire being cancelled.

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Long Time No Post


Boy, I’ve been really lazy about posting the last month or so. I blame it on this long, grey winter we’ve been having in Ohio. As these guys to the right can attest, it’s been cold as hell here.

I’ve been fairly busy the last couple of weeks working on some of the packages I maintain for Fedora Extras, and now that my CVS account has been set-up, I can finally check-in my changes. I’ll probably pick up a couple of the packages that are being moved from Fedora Core 4 over to Fedora Extras, right now the only one that interests me is Freeciv.

Been listening to Radio Wazee quite a bit lately. It’s not too bad for an internet radio station, heck, I wasn’t even aware the new Spitalfield was coming out next week, until I heard a track (“Gold Dust vs. State Of Illinois”) a couple of weeks ago.

Rented the first season of The Wire last week. Very cool series, too bad I waited until it’s over to check it out.

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More Trek Stuff

From Warren Ellis’ Bad Signal:

As most of you will recall, I’ve been following the slow dive of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE and the forthcoming cryogenic sealing of the Star Trek franchise. Today, someone pointed me at a feature in the Toronto Star about the end of ENTERPRISE, which features the following exchange between the reporter and series actress Jolene Blalock:
“I mean, we started out with 13 million viewers on the pilot, and we somehow managed to drive 11 million of them away.”

There is an awkward silence when the subject of the final episode is broached.

“I don’t know where to begin with that one,” she finally stammers. “The final episode is … appalling.”
It is perfumed with the distinct scent of FuckIt, is it not?

One rumour has it that the last episode explains away the entirety of the series as a holographic novel experienced by crew members on the old Patrick Stewart Enterprise. With Bobby Ewing masturbating ferociously in the shower.

I believe I previously mentioned that they could have replaced current episodes with a placard reading FUCK YOU FOR WATCHING. REGARDS, THE MGMT.

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ENTERPRISE Taken Behind Stables

From Warren Ellis’s Bad Signal:

Those who’ve been following my occasional pieces on genre TV might be interested to learn that ENTERPRISE was finally cancelled today.

Story’s on AICN right now.

I hope that the people involved with the show who I occasionally heard from find new work soon.

And so another Star Trek show descends into TV Hell. I met someone last year who’d been brought in to pitch a new Trek show: but, more than half a year down the line, I haven’t heard anything else. So my suspicion is that Star Trek is gone from our screens for a comfortingly long time.

And, with the final Star Wars film on the way, it seems that by the end of the year the culture will feel peculiarly cleansed. As if the shackles were released from us in our cultural basement, and we can finally take from our mouths the shattered antique underpants used as gags and wash old men’s semen out of our bum crevices.

— W

Too bad, this season was ten time better than the previous three.

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NPR Interview With Stephen Colbert

There was a good interview with Stephen Colbert today on NPR‘s Fresh Air. Here’s a link.

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